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TUFC Non Comp U5-U8s FAQ                                                        

 What Uniform Do I wear?

Match Day Socks available for sale at various points before Season Kick Off.
Optional Training Socks are available for just $5.

COMPULSORY TUFC black shorts will be available before the season.  The opportunities to sell both shorts and socks will be advertised on Facebook and Website.  $20 for kids sizes / $25 for adults.

Shin Guards and any other optional gear can be purchased prior to Season kick off at Rebel Sport Erina.

I’ve registered.  What Now?

For U5-U8
The next step is to attend the Non Comp team allocation session for your player’s age group.

Venue:   Terrigal Primary School

Wednesday 26th February

 U5 5pm – 6.15pm 

U6 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Thursday 27th February

 U7 5pm – 6.15pm 

U8 6.30pm – 7.30pm 

What happens at the Team Allocation Session? 

If you are already part of a team,  the coach and/or manager should attend to present their allocation sheet.  This will be a very quick process, however, it’s important that we have confirmation from each player that they are part of this team to avoid families committing to multiple teams.

If you are not part of a team, the TUFC committee will help form teams and establish who will coach the team.  TUFC will also ask for a manager.  Both of these volunteers will be required to apply for a (free) Working with Children Check and new coaches are highly encouraged to enrol in a (free) Grassroots coaching course.

Whether pre formed or formed on the night, the coach and manager then becomes your point of contact.  Training days and venues will be negotiated amongst teams.

Forming teams are encouraged to advertise for players via the Facebook Group here

U5_U7 Team Allocation Form 
U8 Team Allocation Form 

When does the Season Start? 

The 2020 season starts on the weekend of April 4th.   You will be notified by your coach or manager, however, you can also check on the Central Coast Football Website once the draw is released.  It is important that coaches and managers check the draw every Friday in case of changes.

It’s worth noting that school holidays does not means no football.  Keep an eye on the draw before planning to go away.

No Play Easter Weekend April 11/12 
All grades will play the middle weekend of April school holidays 18th/19th April 
No Play on Anzac Day however games on Sunday April 26 will proceed 
All grades will play the middle weekend of July school holidays 11th/12th July 

Where will my games be played?

Our home grounds for U5-U8 may be split between Duffys Oval and an alternate venue.  Check your draw upon its release in late March.  Away grounds can be located on the Central Coast Football website.

We are super keen to train in Preseason.  What are our options? 

Central Coast Council generally handover our grounds 1 week before season starts meaning that you will need to find a small space until our grounds become available.

Where and when do we train?

Typically, training will take place between Tuesday and Thursday depending on coach availability, team availability and ground availability.  Once the season starts, teams training outside of TUFC venues MUST inform the club secretary.  Keep an eye on the website for info on days and grounds.

What do I need to know about referees? 

All games in the U5-U11 grades will be refereed by a Junior Cadet who will be in some cases not much older than the players.   It is imperative that all coaches and parents are encouraging and nurturing of these young people.   If you run into any issues, a team representative should give feedback to the official table at Duffys (or at an away game if applicable).   Under no circumstances should a coach or parent approach a referee.   In the event that a referee can not be rostered on, it is the home team’s responsibility to ref the game and we ask that a parent volunteer so that your coach can do their role without distraction.

I’m a New Coach or Manager, what do I need to know?

It is really important that if you are coach or manager, you attend the Coaches and Manager’s meetings, particularly the first one for the season as lots of important information is given out during this meeting.  This meeting is set for Monday March 30th.  If you can’t attend, try to arrange a parent to represent your team and convey message back to you.  We will often hear of coaches and managers stating they didn’t know about an important piece of info and more often than not it’s those teams that don’t attend our meetings.

It is also really important to notify the committee if someone else takes over these roles in your team. We can spend hours trying to track down the wrong people!

It’s game day, what does my player need to wear?

When your team takes the field for the first time, they need to be in football boots with shinguards, club shorts, orange socks and an orange or white playing shirt. The playing shirts come out of the team kit bag and must go back in at the end of the game and you all take turns to take ALL the SHIRTS together in the bag and wash them, dry and return to the kit.  We thank you very much in advance for doing this and taking such great care of them. They are NOT to be worn outside of the match.

What can I do to help the Club?

We are really excited to have a bussling committee in 2020, but the more  people that join, the lighter the load for everyone.  If you’re interested in becoming a committee member, please email info@terrigalunitedfc.com for more info.