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TUFC Coaches and Managers are reminded off the agreement that they signed off when collecting kits for Season 2016.

As Coach/Manager of the nominated team below, we understand that the equipment used by the players remains the property of Terrigal United Football Club. The payment of fees allows the team the use of TUFC balls and shirts for the season only under the following conditions.

1. We agree to coordinate the weekly cleaning, caring and retention of the shirts and balls listed in this agreement for the season. We understand that the maintenance of such equipment provides for future use by other TUFC players that will follow.

2. We agree to administer TUFC’s request that shirts will not be worn for training or on game day other than for the purpose of the game duration.

3. We agree that the listed items will be returned to the TUFC Gear Steward by the end of October unless otherwise agreed to by the Gear Steward in writing.

4. We agree that no shirts or balls will be exchanged with other TUFC teams or that no shirts or balls will be taken or swapped from the kit without the concurrence of the Gear Steward.

5. We agree that all shirts and balls given at the beginning of the season will be returned at the end of the season, regardless of condition, to be accounted for by the Gear Steward.

In the first two rounds of play, there have been many players wearing individual shirts around at shopping centres and other grounds away from where their team played  (watching sibling games)

It is TUFC policy that all shirts are put back in the kit bag and washed by a team member’s family.  A roster should be set by the manager.   From Round 3, TUFC committee will ask players and families which teams they belong to if they are sighted wearing kit away from their game and will follow up with the team.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation
TUFC Exec Committee