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U5-U8 Players, this week is all about you!

Exciting times as we form all of your teams and get them registered with Central Coast Football.
Non Comp U5-u8 FAQ can be read here 


Venue:   Terrigal Primary School
Top COLA area (entry off Hillcrest Street).

Monday 25th February

 U5 5pm – 6.15pm

U6 6.30pm – 7.30pm

Tuesday 26th February

 U7 5pm – 6pm

U8 6.15pm – 7.15pm


Important:  The squad numbers are as follows

U5:  Min 5 players  / Max 6 players
U6:  Min 5 players  / Max 6 players
U7:  Min 5 players  / Max 6 players
U8:  Min 8 players  / Max 9 players

The above numbers represent Min 1 and Max 2 substitutes.   Unless exceptional circumstances, we will not approve teams of 7 (U5, U6, U7) or 10 (U8)  at the expense of another team being short on players and subs.

Full Teams that are already formed
You can print out the below form and pre populate your info.
2019 TUFC Team Allocation form U5 U6 U7
2019 TUFC Team Allocation form U8

Arrange one team representative to present the form in person. This will be a very quick process; however, it’s important that we have confirmation from each player that they are part of this team to avoid families committing to multiple teams.

Partially Formed Teams Looking for Players

Advertise in the Facebook Group here
Follow the process above for the partial team you have.
As a suggestion, you can bring a handwritten sign that says  “Looking for Players”
If all players are from the same school, the sign might include this. E.g   “Looking for 1 Player.  Wamberal Public School team”

Players seeking teams
For players seeking a team to join, we suggest that the player and parent attend. Often kids will recognise others and teams can be formed with minimal effort.  The TUFC committee will help form teams and establish who will coach the team. TUFC will also ask for a manager. Both of these volunteers will be required to apply for a (free) Working with Children Check and new coaches are highly encouraged to enrol in a (free) grassroots coaching course