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STU STRIKES AGAIN!   3 words we’ve heard plenty of in 2022 and look set to hear more of the same in 2023 as Stu Adams pledges his allegiance to the Olads for the upcoming season.

Stu commented:
It was a pretty easy decision.
Terrigal play some good football but it’s the group of guys and families that made last season so enjoyable. With the club being so supportive and warm towards me and my family, it’s time to dust the dirt off the boots and enjoy another season.

With Head Coach Pete Edwards adding
I’m so excited to work with some incredibly talented footballers such as Stu this year. I’m delighted that Stu has decided to sign with us at TUFC. His experience and ability is a huge boost for the club. I can’t wait to watch him in action as we look to have another incredible season, adding to the impressive history of the club.

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