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Dear Returning and New TUFC Members

For those of you joining our club in 2022, welcome to the TUFC family and best Club on the coast!  If you’re returning for another season, then we are delighted to see you again for the upcoming season.  Here’s all the information to help you navigate your way to Round 1 which kicks off on the weekend of 2nd/3rd April.


All Junior Members are advised we have a strict initial rego period from January 10 through February 6. We will move to waitlists on February 7 and take players as our numbers allow.
The Active Kids Rebate can be used at Terrigal United FC .
Apply for your voucher here  (Note you need a Service NSW Account).

All junior registrations involving Active Kids Rebate must be completed online, not at TUFC registration sessions. 

For all information on registration and key dates for your calendar,  visit our Rego Page here
UPDATE:   Waiting Lists now open.    Put your details here

Saturday, January 29  Rebel Sport, Erina Fair 9.30am – 2.30pm
Thursday, February 3 Rebel Sport, Erina Fair 5.30pm – 8.30pm

We encourage families to register online to save time.  These sessions are primarily for new players to present proof of ID,  Purchase Socks and Shorts,  Meet the Committee or take advantage of the discount in store at Rebel.

For U5-U8, Terrigal United permits teams to self form.

U5-U7  Max 6 players (4 players on the field)
U8 Max 9 players (GK + 6  players on the field)

All teams should have at 1 least substitution for the season.
From experience:  2 is ideal.

This year, we are streamlining the team allocation process to make it easier for our members. For the teams that have already organised a coach, manager and players, you will be able to register your team online here.
NOTE:  Coaches and Managers should confirm with all players that they have registered before submitting the form.

Players who are seeking a team (or teams short of players) will attend a Team Allocation Night on WEDNESDAY 2ND MARCH  at Duffys between 5.30pm – 6.30pm for U5 and U6 and 6.45pm – 7.45pm for U7 and U8.

Formed teams with players required: We will match you with players looking for a team.   The balance of players will be assembled into teams on the night.

New Players or those that are not attached to a team:  Players should present at the Allocation night so they can be put into a team.   These newly formed teams will require a Coach and Manager to be appointed on the night.

Teams in U7 and U8 will need to nominate themselves into an appropriate level based off previous season or knowledge of players.
U7  Self Grading Guide
Turtles (Beginners) /  Lobsters (Intermediate)  / Stingrays (Advanced)

U8 Self Grading Guide
Octopus (Beginner)  /  Jellyfish (Intermediate)  /  Whales (Advanced)

For those new to the club or are seeking a team, please join our online Facebook group via this link where you can find a team for your child or advertise that you need a player to join yours.

U9-12 Skills Acquisition Phase Grading and Team Requests

Our Club philosophy is that we want to field highly competitive teams but find the right balance to encourage participation as football experiences a drop off in numbers over the the course of U10-U12 and beyond.

We understand that some players and their families will want to play in the best possible team but also recognise that many players and their families do not have their sights set on the top teams.

Players that are not wanting to play in the top teams can use the Grading Request Form to let TUFC know of groups of players that would like to remain together.  Please read the conditions on that form.   No requests will be taken for A/B grade teams.

Coaches Expression of Interest can be left for the Club Captain via this form.