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Round 9 Terrigal v Kanwal

Reserve Grade

2-1 Win

This Sunday our #Olasses pulled away with a win despite the heat.

Within the first couple minutes from kickoff an early handball from Kanwal put Terrigal on the board as Georgah Shearim bombed the ball up and over the Kanwal keeper. Another infringement from Kanwal in the box, led to a free kick with Georgah Shearim nominated to take the free kick. Despite the pressure, another ball hit the back of the net within the first 10 minutes of the game, giving the girls an early lead and confidence. Kanwal demonstrated strength on the ball, but was shut down and unable to strike the back of the net.

The second half saw the #Olasses playing with the wind against them, as well as the temperatures increasing. After a Kanwal player went down in the box a dot shot was paid. However, Terrigal keeper, Mackenzie Walker, stayed composed and read the shooters body language to anticipate where the ball would land, carrying out a killer save.

In desperation to put one on the board, Kanwal overloaded the Terrigal backline, leaving unmarked players exposed allowing for a goal. The Kanwal team is a solid and competitive team that demonstrated their determination right through to the final whistle. As the heat quickly tired the #Olasses, Kanwal started to dominate the park but it was too late and the Olasses came away with a fantastic win.

Special mention to the under 16 girls for stepping up to take down Kanwal.