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Round 5 Terrigal vs Umina

Reserve grade

2-2 Draw

Last Sunday we faced the Umina WPL Reserves team. They sure gave us a really intense game but we were up for the challenge.

First half of the game we came in hard and strong. There were some amazing balls put through from the middle by Willow,Jess and Indy. Eventually all the through balls and effort put in ended in a banger of a goal from Indy. Unfortunately not long after Umina scored a header from one of their corners.

By half time it was 1-1, we were sweating up a storm while playing but we all pushed through. After cooling down a bit and hydrating we were ready to get back into action.

In the second half the Myah,Remi,Mackenzie and Karla all kept the defence structured and played some really good balls down the line for the wingers Jamie and Casey. The wingers and defence started making some really good runs and combinations, even including the midfield.

Soon we conceded another goal by Umina making the score 2-1. We kept our heads high and kept pushing though which eventually ended in another goal from Indy making it 2-2. The rest of the game was really intense but we kept our structure and defended well. We had a lot of chances in the second half but we were really unlucky not to finish’s them.

The end result ended in a 2-2 draw. We were unlucky to not have scored more but in the end we played a good game of football. We would also like to thank Casey and Ruby from the All Age Women for helping us on the weekend. Keen for the rest of the season and can’t wait to see where it takes us!!!