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Do you need to play with the team you played in this season?
No these events are open to all – you can form teams based on club, school or any friendship circle.  The events are not FNSW or CCF organised and run at a private facility  – Soccer 5s, the best football complex on the coast.

Age groups are based off the 2022 season (how old the child is turning in 2022)
Yes, just like the local competition, players must be turning that age to qualify.

How many teams will be there?
There is a strict cap of 32 teams per combined age group of U5-U14 and all Womens Comps.
For U15, U16 & U18 boys 7-a-side, there will be a strict cap of 16 teams.

What time will the tournament take place?
As the teams starts to register we will be able to judge if we do stand alone comps per age group or combine (i.e  U6 and U7 together) and will advise participating teams.   The aim will be start early and finish as early as possible on each given date.

What does each player need to wear?
Each player needs to wear shinpads, socks and playing boots (either synthetic grass boots or standard grass boots). No metal studs. all watches and jewelry must be removed prior to playing.
each team is to choose and wear the same coloured team kit which includes shirt and shorts.

Can we wear our club jersey to the gala day?
It’s encouraged for this gala day that jerseys can wear their TUFC playing jersey provided the manager is responsible for that kit as it still needs to be collected post this event. Where possible, teams can use their TUFC shorts, socks and training shirts.

Are parents allowed to stay and watch?
Yes. We fully encourage parents to join in and create of feast of football environment.   We were under restrictions last year and look forward to an all inclusive event.