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Match Report vs Umina

Sunday 13 May 2018


Third Grade


Mother’s Day at Duffy’s is becoming an annual event and we were there again on Sunday in not particularly good weather conditions.  But we knew that the boys were in good shape and would warm us up with scintillating performances right across the park, yes?  Hell, no!  As a keen observer of our game it doesn’t take long to analyse what sort of game would develop and it became obvious early on that we weren’t at the races (or the football for that matter).  It’s frustrating for me as it must be all in attendance that we can’t maintain possession for more than 2 passes and that we lose 90% of winnable 50-50 challenges.


Maybe I should lessen my expectations but I’m certain that we can do better on a more consistent basis.  Some players to me seem intent on getting value for their registration by making sure they can get as many touches of the ball as possible regardless of the quality of such possession.


The highlights of the game were obviously Mitch at least going close on a couple of occasions to keep us competitive and the of course there was the referee bahahaha.


Reserve Grade


The weather was turning bleaker as they day wore on surely Ressy’s would win our confidence back.  Hell, no!  I mean what’s going on I feel like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day”.  We’ve just been here and it’s happening again.


Poor Dicko would’ve been pulling his hair out (like to see that).  Would’ve been as happy as a Swansea supporter with that performance (least we’re still in Premier League)!  Trent scored and the other highlights were……….


First Grade


The weather is getting worse and the mood is a sombre one.  A day of high expectations has come crashing down in a mire of disappointment and it’s just 1st’s standing between us and a total meltdown.


A tad over dramatic to say the least but what followed is a game that you couldn’t follow.  2 goals up through Zac and Pacey and we’re in a canter.  10 minutes later and it’s 2 each.  What is happening here the wind is howling the rains falling goals are everywhere the game is all over the pace.  Jet bangs in a cracker 3-2 halftime, Pacey belts in his second and Tudds crashes in a header and you think normality has been restored, but no, Hayden Mole hits one from halfway then they drag it back to 5-4 and it gives me some peace ref blow the bloody whistle!!  He does, we win, never in doubt.


Next match


The inaugural Ash Grant Memorial Match

Saturday 19 May 2018

Edsacc Oval


Thirds kick off 3pm

Reserves kick off 5pm

First Grade kick off 7pm


Come and support the Olads and let’s bring the shield home to Duffy’s