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Match Report vs. The Entrance
Sunday 27 May 2018

3rd Grade

There comes a time when you consider what you’re watching and determine whether or not what you post is really a match report or a monologue on what you see. What transpired on Sunday wasn’t really a match because we didn’t really turn up. A 1 -0 loss seems like a good result to be fair so what is happening with the guys? Attitude, Commitment, Discipline etc. are some of the traits needed to be successful, we lack all three plus others. Players need to stick to their strengths so if you can pass effectively uhmm sorry that cuts out the bulk of the side so maybe if you dribble the ball well oh oh sorry again uhmm if you can uhmm (let me think) must admit it was a nice day.

2nd Grade

Coach Terry must be hoping for some consistency of performance as we are nearly halfway through the competition and we’re sitting in a good position. If the team can replicate their 1st round results and better the draws and losses a final appearance would be guaranteed. Complacency mustn’t be allowed to set in and although we played well in parts we still didn’t put them away. Goals to Chris and Alex gave us the opportunity to come away with a 2-1 win. It wasn’t overly difficult but it wasn’t completely comfortable either. Cameron was a guiding force with some terrific passing until his condition ran out and he became less effective. This weekend is a pressure test of the highest order we need to be at our best.

1st Grade

After losing last week we needed to come away with a positive result as we haven’t lost 2 in a row all season. A win over a team in the bottom half of the table is imperative if finals are to become a reality. The game started reasonably well and we dominated possession for a good portion of the half, and then a sucker punch and we go behind. To the guys credit they never got flustered and Birdy equalized with a deft flick over the keeper, Ben put us in front with another assured finish and 2-1 at halftime looked about par for the course. The second half had a touch of Deja vu when 1. Dale Hall copped a red card 2. We went further in front through Eric and then 3. They scored from a terrible turnover of possession. For some reason, we just can’t maintain discipline and commitment for a full 90 minutes. A result next week will push us another rung up the ladder and as with ressy’s duplicate and better round 1 and semis here we come.
Next Match vs East Gosford
Hylton Moore Oval

Third Grade Kick Off 10:45am
Reserve Grade Kick Off 12:45am
First Grade Kick off 2:45pm