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Match report vs. The Entrance
Sunday 26th August 2018

As I sit here on Semi Final day and after a week of reflection I thought that I should comment on the season in relation to our grades which have hung up the boots this year. It’s been a case of too little too late for thirsty Thirds as inconsistency found them in need of help from others to qualify.

It wasn’t to be but the signs are there that the next step is within reach.

Ressy’s were in a similar position due not only to their consistency but by the schizophrenic nature of their performances.

You never knew what team was going to take the field. We can sit back and say that if this happened or that it would be a form of excuse.

We need to go back to the Ming Dynasty in ancient China and recall that famous proverb “If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts every day would be Christmas”.

First Grade

Congratulations to all concerned with the squad as we not only finished 2nd in the league for the first time but also recorded the biggest win, 9-0 in our Premier League history.

Obviously by the scoreline it was a totally dominant performance but the impressive thing about the result was the way the guys kept their foot on their throats and went on with it after leading by 3 at halftime.

We play Berkeley today and it’s a given that we need to replicate our recent efforts.

Complacency mustn’t be an issue and I am confident that if the desire is there, on a very good surface, we can beat anybody.

I’m excited for the game as everyone who supports this team is.

Next match

Firsts 2/9/18 Pluim Park 1 at 4:30pm