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Match Report – FFA Cup


Terrigal United FC vs Sydney Olympic FC

Wednesday 2 May 2018


A big occasion for the club had me arriving a tad early hoping to get the team sheet and find the name of Tom Cruise somewhere in the starting 11 or subs list as if ever we needed the Mission Impossible crew it was going to be tonight.

The fog was moving in then disappearing in intervals and the more pessimistic of us were thinking if it stays low and thick enough for long enough we could shove the ball up a jumper and run it into the goal.  Why did we worry, the guys came out of the shed and got stuck in from the start and never relented.  When you watch a great deal of football players you tend to pigeonhole them within a certain category of ability.  The boys tonight took their game to a level higher than anything they have done this season by far.  To select a player of the match would be Mission Impossible as everyone raised their level both individually and as a member of the team.


Stand out performances were delivered by both Daniels, Jai in defence and Aaron in goals.  Having said that to gloss over the efforts of Dicko, Pacey and particularly Zach would be an injustice to the whole team effort.  Yes, we turned over possession numerous times but to the guys credit they forced many turnovers from Olympic which had their staff and supporters giving their players plenty of grief.


Don’t forget that Olympic are currently ranked the 21st best team in the country.  One thing that plays on the mind of a true Terrigal supporter is why don’t we see this performance every weekend?  Give that effort every week and we will win the league.  You now have set the benchmark which you need to maintain.  We are on your side.