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Saturday 19 May 2018


First Grade

Due to my unavailability, earlier in the day I only managed to turn up in time for 1st Grade, from checking out the scores from earlier in the day I’ve dodged a bullet (as have the lower grades due to my non-report), and was looking forward to our clash with the benchmark team in the competition.

Expecting it to be a cold cold night surprisingly it was a mild night for the multitude that turned up. The game started out the way that I thought it might as we were under the pump from the start and were asked plenty of questions. Although Killarney dominated possession we managed to hit them on the counter and had fantastic chances to score through Pacey, Zac and Jet, chances that needed to be taken against quality opposition.

Craig in goal was doing his job well and we managed to hit the front when Birdy latched on to a keeper error to score close to the break. What you need after scoring that close to halftime is to maintain the advantage at the break and instill confidence in yourself and doubt in the opposition.

Unfortunately, the defining moment of the game came just on the break when one of their players was allowed to carry the ball 30 metres into our area and hit an unstoppable shot into the top corner of the net. That lapse in discipline would have consequences in the 2nd half as they bossed us for the whole of that period. Their 2nd goal was scrappy to say the least, their 3rd was a cracker and they fully deserved the win.

The positive would be that we didn’t throw in the towel and kept going till the end, the negatives are, unfortunately, many. While Killarney passed the ball through our team we tried to run the ball through theirs. This didn’t work and we need to adopt a more simple passing game to unlock defenses. We also allowed them way too much room in the middle of the park due to the space between our defense and attack. A side that passes the ball as well as Killarney don’t need 30+metres of room to tear you.

Work to be done but the guys can come back and get us into the top 4 without a doubt.



Next Match vs The Entrance


Sunday 27 May 2018

Pat Morley Oval


Thirds kick off          10:45am

Reserves kick off     12:45pm

First Grade kick off   2:45pm