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Match Report vs Kanwal

21 April 2018

Round 5

Third Grade

It’s hard to know where to begin with this report as you always look for the positive but sometimes you’re left holding the can.  The atmosphere was a positive one but it wasn’t long before your realised something just wasn’t right.  We were being out enthused which led to a total meltdown of any ability to compete.  After 20 minutes, it was obvious that it would take a major effort to obtain a result.  (This is about the most macabre report I want to post).


At the end of the day we deserved nothing from the game, the only thing that could be classified as a highlight would be the sumo contest between Jury another heavyweight, was fun to watch but didn’t gloss over the abject performance of our guys.  Words of advice if I may be so bold.  Understand your strengths and your weaknesses and play to them.


Reserve Grade


After a gloomy start to the day via third grade it was like a breath of fresh air to see the confidence of the guys as they took to the park with an air of belief.


One would think that maybe the coach selecting a loose cannon in Birdy to fire everyone up could have been a masterstroke to inspire his team onto greatness and that may have been the catalyst to the achievement of a magnificent 3 points.


All jokes aside 2 goals from Zac and another from Sammy put the boys in a strong position, we need to be wary of complacency setting in.  It only takes 2 bad results to put us back into a bun fight position.


First Grade


With the day all square we looked forward to our guys putting the peddle to the metal and reinforcing the belief that we have what it takes to make a great run for a finals spot this year.  Geez I’m not sure we should be getting too far ahead of ourselves after Sunday.  I know that we have played 4 games in 2 weeks and it’s possible to make a case that we are overly tired due to the schedule but the performance was second rate at best and if we want to be regarded as contenders we should be getting over teams like Kanwal by halftime.


As it was we found ourselves trailing 3-0 at the break and were lucky to be still in the contest, just.  The second half had a touch of Groundhog Day about it in as much as we found ourselves back in the game due to Jett tucking away 2 well taken penalties and Jai scoring from a corner with 10 minutes to go to get us back 3-3 and have the supporters sighing with relief as we pulled the game out of the fire, yes?  Hell, no!


The Orange Bowl suddenly became the Orange and Black heart attach track as we abandoned any semblance of common sense (who said sense was common?) and disregard the point that we work so hard to gain and pushed forward with gay abandon, inviting our opponents to win possession and break the hearts of those in attendance.


A plea to those strapping on the boots and donning the shirt, please think about the game and the situation you find yourself in, the season requires such thought.  Remember good Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.