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Match Report vs Gosford

Wednesday 18 April 2018


Third Grade


A chance to play on a better than average pitch was and extra incentive to produce a quality performance and as was the case on the weekend a blistering start saw us up after 2 minutes, the first a well place shot into the top corner from 35 miles out by one of our heavyweights (figuratively and literally) Scott Austin and that was followed by the coach banging in a second.  5 up at halftime and the game was all over.   A comprehensive 8-0 result have the lads well placed to push on this weekend.  Another heavyweight (ditto), Jury made a comeback and went ok for a while, a little while until lack of condition took its toll.  Two question, the persona of our No.19 has gone from Mr. Adonis to Captain Gaylord in 3 days much to the embarrassment of his sister.  What happened?  Also, was that the heavy roller they used on the ground after the game to flatten it out?


First Grade


Pluim 1 doesn’t forgive lack of technical ability and when you add a certain amount of complacency it tends to turn a comfortably winnable game into a grind.  So, it was on Wednesday as we started well and had the ball in the back of the net only for it to be denied by the referee who proceeded to award us a free kick.  Gosford to their credit hung in and deservedly took a 1-0 lead into halftime.  We dominated the second half and levelled through Dan Bird and won the game after Mitch Allen scored his second header in a week.  Looking for excuses for a lacklustre performance one could possibly say that the boys missed the Orange Bowl bobble (word of the week bobble).  If I may indulge and offer an analogy….  if the United Nations turned over as much food to starving people as we turn over possession to the opposition there would be a lot of obese Ethiopians getting around!  No Ressy’s report due to the fact I didn’t see the game but obviously a great 8 goal performance.


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Terrigal vs Kanwal at Duffys this Sunday 22 April 2018


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