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Match report vs. Berkeley Vale
Sunday 5 August 2018

This weekend turned out bittersweet as far as results go as 1sts kept their top 3 spot with a terrific result over Berkeley but the other squads have continued to defy logic with their performances.

Thirds continue to get themselves out of the hole they’ve dug over the past few weeks which is handy because ressy’s are looking to jump into it!

Hopefully there is enough room for both teams as common sense dictates that they both now need to win all remaining games to have a chance to play semis.

Firsts can fill the hole in next week I reckon. Thirds played as well against Berkeley as they have done for weeks which is all the more frustrating as it appears that they will fall short of a finals appearance.

Poor Dicko has every right to neck himself because it’s obvious that there are some guys in his team that are playing for themselves but another thing that must be annoying is the fact that he doesn’t have access to players that are required fresh for 1sts. I understand the need for maybe 2 fresh substitutes but 3 seems a luxury and it has affected the Ressy’s squad and results.

1sts are on a great run at the moment leading into the finals and are looking solid all over the park.

The litmus test is this weekend, can they get a result against Killarney?

Next match Sunday 13 August 2018
Vs Killarney Vale

Thirds kick off 10:45am
Reserves kick off 12:45pm
Firsts 2:45pm