Maker Advisory


Maker Advisory is Australia's only customer-led buyer’s agency, focused on collaboration over transactions. We do the work for you as your ears, eyes and voice on the ground, while guiding and educating you to grow your property knowledge.

With a host of research and relationship resources at our disposal, our buyer's agents offer unmatched buying, bidding, vendor advocacy, property strategy, relocation, and portfolio management services.


  • Buying

    Brief, Search, Shortlist, Secure, Close

  • Bidding

    Identifying the true value of the property. Preparing you with all the right checks in place. Bidding on your behalf up to the agreed ceiling price. Facilitating the deposit and auction settlement process.

  • Vendor Advocacy

    We offer vendor advocacy to project manage the sale of your property, from strategic planning to marketing through to settlement.

  • Property Strategy

    Guiding you on the right type of sale. Implementing superior marketing plans. Making offers. Negotiating. Accepting offers. Facilitating fast settlements.

  • Relocation

    A buyer’s agent is an effective strategy for relocating expats and foreign nationals, as well as residents looking to move within Australia.

  • Portfolio Management

    Our experts will successfully manage and optimise your property portfolio. For more information on why you should use a buyer’s agent to manage your property portfolio, read our blog post: How to Optimise Your Property Portfolio.