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Please note: Duffys 1 & 2 closed tomorrow due to consistent heavy rain over past two weeks and although the drainage is working the lack of grass coverage has forced us to close the grounds whilst allowing the fields to continue to dry out.  We understand how frustrating this and apologise for the inconvenience

All competition games will be re-scheduled



Terrigal High School is CLOSED – All games on THS 1, 2 and 3 are cancelled for tomorrow.

Duffys 3,4,5 and 7 are OPEN

Terry Oval is OPEN

Duffys 2a and 2b games have been moved to Fagans Park

Date DOW Start Field AG/Div Home Team Away Team
30/06/18 Sat 08:00 FAG1A U10/U10A Terrigal 3 Kanwal
30/06/18 Sat 08:00 FAG1B U11/U11A Terrigal 1 Avoca
30/06/18 Sat 09:00 FAG1A U10/U10BN Terrigal Killarney
30/06/18 Sat 09:00 FAG1B U11/U11A Terrigal 2 Berkeley
30/06/18 Sat 10:00 FAG1A U10/U10A Terrigal 1 Kincumber 1
30/06/18 Sat 10:00 FAG1B U11/U11BS Terrigal 2 Avoca