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As we approach the end of the grading for 2018, we understand that families are often anxious to find out which team they will be part of for the season. This of course is natural and we share your excitement, however It’s important to note that the job to put these together is a massive one and being done by volunteers juggling full time work and family life.
Please help our productivity by refraining from contacting us to find out where you player graded. No inquiries will be taken until Monday March 5
How will you know?
Teams will be contacted between tomorrow night and Sunday Night. Contact will be with coach first, then an email to the team.
In the event that there is no coach, we will organise a meeting to discuss the coaching for that team (Expressions of Interest encouraged now to help us avoid putting these meetings on)
A quick shout out and follow up to wrap up week 2 of grading!
To the players, well done! The strength in quality and quantity that the club has is amazing! Makes our job harder when everyone is performing so well! We tip our hats to all of you!
To the volunteers that made all of the sessions a success. Thank You!