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TUFC would like to thank all the players and families for attending grading over the past month.  It’s estimated that we have had 600+ players attend one session or more and this would not be possible without the following:
Tim Clarke, your Junior VP. – Just a few short weeks ago, we had nowhere to grade for Season 2021.  Enter Tim and the rest is history.  His involvement on the days also a massive contribution to their success.
 As always, the public face of our grading and still delivering the best possible sessions for our members.  Thanks from all of us, Richie.
Richard Ellis  
For his set ups, operations, first aid attendance and pack downs over the past 3 weekends.
Nigel Clarke
For tech support with grading paperwork preparation and data entry.
David Soede
Super assessors: This trio of legends were at 90% of the sessions over 3 long, hot and gruelling weekends.

Charlie Trivers, Robbie McKenna & Paul Milner  

Grading Team & other helpers

Jason Parelli, Stuart McAteer, Adam King, Andy Sinnett, Nick Foster, Pat Lawless, Steven Greenfield, Nick Bessant, Martyn Griffiths, Daniel Surridge, Jay Horne, Jodie Lee,  Andrew Yates, Trevor Husk,  Adam Chandler, Brent Thoroughgood, Matt Katalinic, Corey Mead, Craig Massey, Darrin Bayss, Jason Bush, Paul Harper 

Our Registrars / Welcome Desk Team
Yvonne Patrick, Amanda Russell. Lisa Gunter, Nina Graham, Janelle Honor, Emma Herd, Lauren Horne & Linda Hellmich 

W12-W16 facilitators week 1
Darryl Darke & Gregory Parker  – WPL coaches
WPL players who joined us to assess.
Lily Brooks, Ella Henderson, Kate Gilbert & Jordyn Toms-Wedge

Where to from here?  Week commencing March 8 is all about collating team data and finalising the pieces of the puzzle.    Please see below for status.  CHECK JUNK MAIL/SPAM FOLDERS.

U9 – Teams Announced 
U10 – Teams Announced 
U11 – Teams Announced 
U12 – Teams Announced 
U13 – Teams Announced
U14 –  Teams Announced
M15 –  M15A Announced  M15 team 2 still to announce
M16M16 B Announced  M16A still to announce 
M18 –  Teams Announced 
W12  – Teams Announced
W14 –  Teams Announced
W16 –  Teams Announced

Last updated:  Thursday March 25 at 3.50am