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Sharon Baxter, TUFC President attended a meeting this morning with representatives from Central Coast Council and Central Coast Football to discuss the status of Duffys Oval. It is evident that the Duffys Oval playing surface has deteriorated in recent weeks as a result of unfavourable weather (lack of rain in April and May) and excessive traffic due to our high membership numbers.

Central Coast Council were grateful for the measures that TUFC and CCF have taken this year with the implementation of Terry Oval as a full time competition field and appreciate that all of our decisions are based on what is best for the ground and its users. The drainage system is working well and this week Central Coast Council arranged for a tractor to core and aerate the entire oval hence the temporary removal of the goalposts.

The outcome of today’s meeting is that training has been suspended at Duffys Oval with the priority being the playing of match day games which are scheduled to recommence on Saturday 9 July 2016. Council are hopeful that giving the oval a break for a 3 week period will allow the oval the chance to keep it’s remaining grass cover in tact.

TUFC are working with Council and CCF to secure alternate training venues for the remainder of the season and we are hopeful of providing an update later this week. We ask that our members do not attempt to communicate direct with either Central Coast Council or Central Coast Football in regards to this situation and instead email our Executive Committee direct at secretary@terrigalfootball.com.