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Central Coast United and Terrigal United FC have come together to bridge the gap between the different tiers of competition, and forge bonds with key stakeholders within the Central Coast football community. This initiative will make provision of a more collaborative and holistic approach to player development. Central Coast United now have a unique opportunity to provide local players with a pathway to professional football. The co-operative approach to player progression between Terrigal United FC and Central Coast United, will establish a model that ensures players from all local clubs can progress to the elite level of an A-League Academy in conjunction with the Central Coast Mariners.

At the forefront of this partnership is talent identification and player development. The partnership is already well under way, with train-on players engaging in training sessions with current CCU Game Training representative squads. Pluim Park, in conjunction with Central Coast Football, will host the inaugural TUFC v CCU friendly fixtures, between the respective GT (U13-U16) teams on Thursday, November 5th. This landmark event is part of a football blueprint that will develop inter-club relationships, and unite the code on the Central Coast to ensure our elite players are competitive at regional, state and national levels.

Central Coast United’s link with Soccer5s will assist in ensuring the availability of high-level training facilities. Terrigal United FC, along with other local clubs, will benefit from the premier all-weather training facility on the Central Coast. With targeted training programs and small-sided competitions all year round catering to all playing abilities, football has never been more accessible.

This exciting symbiotic relationship, between two of the Central Coast’s most recognisable football clubs, is a small step forward in the broader perspective of Australian football. However, it represents positive progression from a local perspective and is one of the most exciting contemporary initiatives within the realm of Central Coast football.

General Manager Matthew Crowell on the partnership:  We are delighted to partner with Terrigal United FC When they reached out and said they wanted to help and support the pathway, I was thrilled, as this is what I’ve wanted for a long time. In my eyes, we should have relationships with all the local clubs on the Central Coast. We are not here to compete with them, we are here to work with them and give every single aspiring child or adult a chance to play representative football. It is very difficult for us to get to the local games, so having partners that can help us identify more players is a huge benefit for us as a football club. Terrigal has a superb youth program that is run by Richard Ellis and Troy Pegler and by working with us, hopefully, it can help their program become even better.”

Technical Director Richard Ellis added: “The partnership between Terrigal United and Central Coast United is a very exciting initiative. This union will ultimately be beneficial for players of all abilities on the Central Coast, including those who aspire to play football at the highest level. Through CCU’s collaboration with the Central Coast Mariners, this link provides a clearer pathway and player development continuum, while also ensuring that our grassroots players have access to facilities and higher standards of coaching. We look forward to working with Matthew Crowell and his team, to ensure our junior football players continue to develop and enjoy the Beautiful Game.

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