Aspire Physiotherapy


Here at Aspire Physiotherapy, we combine the expertise of our team of 6 physiotherapists with our very own, custom designed and built, brand new premises, centrally located at Erina.

Our team has over 100 years of collective experience and learning, yet we care about our patients even more. We deliver rapid results and lasting solutions with integrity and attention to detail, and are just as happy enjoying the challenge of solving complex and long term problems as we are returning patients with routine injuries back to their best.

We are continually updating our assessment and treatment methods as new research is published and our own experiences further evolve. We apply consistent methods of managing our patients from the moment you arrive, during your initial consultation through to the very end of your treatment path when you have achieved your goals.

You can be assured that you are in the very best hands with all of our physiotherapists


*Lower back and pelvis/sacroiliac (SIJ) pain. Approximately 25% of our patients present with lower back pain- so this is an area that we are solving all of the time.
*Knee injuries, especially ACL rehabilitation & readiness to return to sport testing in pain (especially in footballers and athletes) and hip pain (especially in people getting a bit older!).
*Muscle strains such as hamstring, quads, calf and groin injuries.
*Teenager lower back pain, especially in young athletes and cricket fast bowlers. We have diagnosed and managed over 100 stress fractures since 2016.
*Headache, migraine, vertigo and long term neck pain, and TMJ (jaw pain) (ask for Brendan Clark!).
*Tendon pain including Achilles, patellar and gluteal (outer hip) tendinopathy. This is a special interest of many of our team.
*Foot and ankle sprains, serious injuries and niggles.
*Growth-related conditions such as heel, knee and front of hip pain in young sportspeopl
*Swimmer’s & thrower’s shoulders and performance enhancement.
*Managing older worn and torn joints to keep the middle aged out and about and living young!
*Post-operative rehabilitation to return you to your best.
*Sore lower backs and general aches, pains and problems

Feel Your Best | Be Your Best

  • Experience

    Our physiotherapists have a collective 100+ years of experience. Chances are we have solved your problem several times before. You are in highly qualified hands.

  • Exclusivity

    Your treatment is delivered in a private room, uninterrupted, one on one with your physiotherapist. We also have great space for exercise and adjacent parking.

  • Excellence

    We have learned the principles of injury management at the highest levels of professional sport. You deserve and will be treated like the best here at Aspire.