4Wood Pty Ltd

GT A GRADE 21/22

At 4Wood Pty Ltd we take great pride in every project we build. We recognise that we are judged each and every day by the quality of the services that we provide and our ability to find solutions to our Clients construction problems. We differentiate ourself, not only by price or quality, or our level of construction expertise alone, but also by providing a total solution for our Clients; a combination of services that aims to fulfil the individual and unique needs of every Client. Our corporate mission is:

To achieve outstanding performance on every project by creating extraordinary value for our Client

The components of value to the Client will vary from project to project but our goals for every project will always include:

• Proactive and cooperative resolution of issues and disputes in order to avoid claims entirely

• Early completion of jobs with the highest possible level of quality

• Providing a safe, zero-accident work place

Every individual within our company wears these values proudly. We are committed to establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our Clients. I believe that trust, commitment and understanding your needs are the foundation to a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

Works Undertaken