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Terrigal United Football Club Junior Registrations Open February 1 2018

Important information below – Don’t forget ACTIVE KIDS REBATE

Families with school children enrolled in community sport are set to benefit from the Active Kids Rebate provided by NSW Government.  From February 1 2018, parents/guardians will be able to claim up to $100 per school aged child, per year, as a voucher to reduce the cost of sport registration or membership fees for after school and weekend sport.

Parents/guardians will need to obtain a sports voucher from Service NSW and deliver this voucher code to a registered sports club to receive the rebate.  Please read the NSW Government guidelines attached to assess if you are eligible for the rebate and determine if you wish to claim the rebate with Terrigal United FC.

Download the Active Kids Rebate Information Flier 

As a result of the Active Kids Rebate, Terrigal United FC will be opening junior registrations on February 1 2018.

If you are eligible for the Active Kids Rebate and you wish to claim with Terrigal United FC, we recommend that you take action immediately which includes;

  • In January, ensure that you are a registered online user with Service NSW, so that you can obtain your voucher code from February 1 for each eligible child.
    1. In January, email tufcactivekidsrebate@terrigalfootball.com to confirm your name, contact details, number of children that you will be claiming a voucher code for each with Terrigal United FC registrations.
    2. On February 1 2018, obtain your voucher code from Service NSW for each child that you will be claiming the rebate from Terrigal United FC.
    3. Immediately after obtaining your rebate voucher code, access www.myfootballclub.com.au to register each player online. At the invoice screen you will see the option to enter in your Active Kids Rebate Voucher Code.

Please note

a. The Active Kids Rebate can only be used once per child in 2018 in one sport registered club
b. Once you have registered a Junior with Terrigal United FC, there is no opportunity to claim the rebate after the date of registration
c. Once you have registered a Junior with Terrigal United FC, there is no opportunity for the Active Kids Rebate to be refunded.
d. Terrigal United FC will be reviewing all voucher codes to ensure all payments are completed and if there is an issue with your rebate we will be in contact with you.
e. Terrigal United FC registration period closes February 15 2018.


Be prepared and plan early to determine whether you are eligible for the rebate, registered with Service NSW and that you wish to claim the rebate with Terrigal United FC or another registered sport club.  All parties are endeavouring to introduce the Active Kids Rebate system as efficiently as possible.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email us at tufcactivekidsrebate@terrigalfootball.com

All junior registrations involving Active Kids Rebate must be completed online,
not at TUFC registration sessions.