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Hello Players and Parents,

The Club would like to thank all players, parents and supporters for their patience during our busiest time of the year.

Grading is now completed for the following age groups….

If you cannot find your name on any of the team lists please contact the following Registrars

Natalie Rudd Abrahams U9 to U11
email = nat.rudd@hotmail.com
mobile = 0408 297 330

Linda Hellmich U12 to M18.
Email = info@impact-images.com.au
m = 0412 511 271

If you have a Coach appointed to your team they will be in touch soon with details of your teams muster. This is at the discretion of the Coach/Manager. It could be down the beach or at a park somewhere. Duffys is off limits until late March.

Coaches please note that contact details of your teams will be sent to you after the weekend. This is because the teams are currently being loaded into the system. This is a manual task that will take a few days. If your team does not have a Coach appointed and nobody puts their hand up to Coach then a Committee member will be in touch soon to organize a team muster to appoint a Coach. Once again thank you for your support over the past 2 weekends. Season 2016 is nearly upon us and we wish everyone a happy season.

TUFC U9 Teams 2016
TUFC U10 Teams 2016
TUFC U11 Teams_2016
TUFC U12 Teams 2016
W12 – 1 team only
TUFC U13 Teams 2016
W13 – 1 team only 
U14 – No Teams
TUFC W14 Teams 2016
TUFC M15 Teams 2016
TUFC W15 Teams 2016
TUFC M16 Teams 2016
TUFC W16 Teams 2016
TUFC M18 Teams 2016
TUFC W18 Teams 2016

From The Grading Committee
Terrigal United Football Club