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MATCH REPORT: Terrigal United Football Club BPL vs East Gosford

Sunday 3/6/2018


Hello to all my avid readers, after a short hiatus I’ve returned to critique and comment on our season as we strive to make the Finals in all 3 Grades.

I’m going to be short and to the point with what I saw the last time I ventured out in search of the perfect game. Nah didn’t see it, although to be fair 1st Grade played really well with a depleted lineup to salvage a point against a pretty good East Gosford side away from home.

Thirsty 3rds must’ve read some of my previous reports as they started off like ladder leaders and looked the real deal. Hang on though, within a 15minute period before halftime we went from champs to chumps as all the faults returned, ouch! Kept the best till last.

Good old Dicko got out of his hospital bed to guide his charges from the sideline, come halftime 5-0 down he’s calling an ambulance to go back. Should’ve made some space in the ambulance to take the team to RPA heart section for emergency surgery.

Myself I ended up in Callen Park wearing a straight jacket in a padded cell drooling into a big spongy dish! But now I’ve been released on the weekends and was able to watch our last home game.

Please note I didn’t use the word lucky and a report will follow shortly.